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Our Pre-designed Models

We understand that time and budget are key considerations for our clients. That's why we've pre-designed a range of models with complete architectural drawings, saving you both time and money in the planning and design phase.
Our collection of pre-designed models have been meticulously researched and crafted to meet the needs of our clients. Our team of architects and designers have invested significant time and effort into creating homes that are optimized to fit the vast majority of lot sizes in the Greater Toronto Area, without compromising on functionality, comfort, or style. With careful consideration given to every detail, from floor plans to materials to finishes, our pre-designed models offer a winning combination of efficiency, affordability, and luxury. 

Our Collection

Choose from our stunning range of four pre-designed models, expertly crafted to meet the needs of clients in the Greater Toronto Area.

The 204

204 sf | 15ft x 18ft
Studio styl

Our smallest model proves that big things come in small packages

The 456

456 sf | 26ft x 18ft
One Bedro

Designed to impress, this model offers big style, comfort, and functionality in a perfectly sized package.
Type B Exterior.jpg

The 630

630 sf | 34ft x 19ft
One Bedroom

The perfect blend of style and function, designed to meet your unique needs with versatility.
Type C Exterior.jpg

The 870

870 sf | 33ft x 15ft
Two Bedrooms

Experience the height of garden living with our two-story model which offers the perfect solution for all your garden living needs.
Type D Exterior.png
Entrance to Modern Home
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