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Office view from our past project on Empress Ave

Our Past &

Welcome to our past and on-going projects where you can explore our successful stories that showcase our expertise and passion for home building and renovation.

Our portfolio includes a range of projects, from custom-built luxury homes to the development of vibrant townhome communities. We are proud of our diverse portfolio and look forward to bringing your dream garden suite project to life.

Luxury Custom Home
on Normandale Cres, Toronto

This stunning custom-built 6000 sq ft home in St Andrews is a timeless classic that showcases exquisite craftsmanship and exceptional attention to detail. 

2 Normandale Front

Luxury Custom Home 
on Scarborough Rd, Toronto

Nestled in a tight space, this project posed a unique challenge for our team, but our architects and builders rose to the occasion, delivering two stunning custom-built homes that showcase our ability to work with limited access to space.

9 Scarborough Front View.jpg

Luxury Custom Home 
on Empress Ave, North York

Our team took on the challenge of creating a stunning luxury home on this project, and the results speak for themselves.

68 Empress Front View.png

Luxury Custom Home 
on Oak Ave, Richmond Hill

We are proud to showcase one of our past custom home projects - a magnificent 5000 sq ft house that was not only expertly built but also features state-of-the-art interior design elements. 

84 Oak Ave Front View_edited.jpg

Interior Finish for a Home
on Creedmoon Court, Kleinberg

Transforming spaces into stunning showcases is what we do best, and this project is no exception.

70 Creedmoor Ct Kitchen 2_edited.jpg

Luxury Townhomes Construction in Richmond Hill

Our newest construction project boasts eleven innovative townhomes that exude contemporary style and vibrancy.

Screenshot 2023-02-23 123752.png

Master Bathroom view from our past project on Scarborough Rd

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