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Unlock Your Home's Potential with Our Expertly Crafted Garden Suites

Your Local Garden Suites Expert

Discover the art of garden suite living with Covent Garden Construction. As a dedicated design-build company, we specialize in creating stunning, custom-built garden suites that perfectly blend function and style.

From our team of expert architects and interior designers, we offer a diverse range of pre-designed models to suit your unique lifestyle and needs.



What is a Garden Suite?

A garden suite, also known as an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU), is a self-contained living unit located on the same property as an existing house, typically in the backyard.

Garden suites tend to be a modest-scale separate housing units that can serve as an expanded living or working space, and/or a source of rental income for homeowners or investors alike. 

Garden suites are now permitted in many municipalities in Ontario. Contact us to see if your property is eligible .

Functionality & Versatility Matters

Transform your backyard into a hidden gem - unleash the full potential of your property with our pre-designed garden suites that can be customized to further suit your unique lifestyle and needs.

These suites offer a versatile solution for expanding your living space or to create additional room for hobbies and to work from home.

This additional space can also serve as a source of rental income, providing a smart investment opportunity for homeowners and investors alike.

Transform your backyard into a hidden gem - unleash the full potential of your property with our pre-designed garden suites that can be customized to further suit your unique lifestyle and needs.


Type B & C Interior.jpg

An innovative way to expand your living space

A garden suite offers extra living space on your property with all the services you can expect in your home. It offers amenities such a bedroom, bathroom, kitchenette, and living area, providing comfort and privacy for both your family and guests.

Type A Interior 2 (To be Replaced).jpg

A flexible space for activities and work

Discover the limitless potential of a garden suite! This versatile space offers a serene and tranquil environment, perfect for a wide range of activities such as home office, music studio, children's play area and so much more.


A lucrative investment and source of income

A garden suite can provide a highly profitable source of rental income, whether as a long-term rental or Airbnb, making it an excellent investment opportunity for those seeking to maximize their returns.

Experience the Convenience of Pre-designed
Garden Suites, Customized To Your Unique Needs

We understand that time and budget are key considerations for our clients. That's why we've pre-designed a range of models with complete architectural drawings, saving you both time and money in the planning and design phase.
While we offer pre-designed plans, we understand that you may want to add your personal touch, which is why we provide customization options to adjust the look and materials. We also offer custom projects that provide complete flexibility.

Realize Your Dream Garden Suite in just Three Simple Steps, Leaving the Hard Work to Us




Confirm Eligibility & Obtain City Approval

Build Your Garden Suite

Post Construction Restoration

Modern Living Room

Why Build With Covent Garden Construction?

We don't use the term 'experts' lightly. Our team boasts decades of combined construction management and design experience. We've fostered close relationships with vendors and take on each project with fearless confidence.

Young Worker

Local Builder & Tarion Registered

For over a decade, the management team has led custom home building in the GTA with extensive experience in various type of projects.


Our strong knowledge of local bylaws and building codes, combined with established relationships with inspectors and trades, ensures your project is built right.

Wind Mills

Energy-Saving and Sustainability 

We are proud to offer the option for garden suites that meet Net-Zero Ready standards. Our commitment to sustainable building practices means that our homes are designed to minimize environmental impact, reduce energy consumption, and maximize energy efficiency.

With advanced insulation, high-performance windows, and energy-efficient heating and cooling systems, our models offer superior comfort and cost savings. 


Approved Designs 

We offer pre-designed garden home options, optimized for property lots throughout the Greater Toronto Area, making the construction process faster and more cost-effective.


You also have the options for slight modifications to materials and finishes. For clients seeking a fully-customized experience, we also offer bespoke projects.

Wall of ideas

Complete in as Little as Three to Four Months

We have perfected a streamlined process for building garden homes, ensuring efficient and rapid construction timelines.


With a thorough understanding of every detail after design approval, our team is equipped to deliver your project quickly. Your garden home will be completed within three to four months from the start of construction.

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